Jordan Dalton

I like to make stuff in my spare time... Hopefully they're useful to someone.

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

A FiveM addon for live maps
Web interface for the FiveM live_map addon
JavaScript 20 21
An AppVeyor pipeline that uses Pandoc to build markdown files into PDFs automatically.
PowerShell 0 0
A quick tampermonkey script I created to fix the dark theme on
JavaScript 0 0
A simple plugin to allow people to vote for their favourite FiveM servers.
A C++ program created to find a template image inside another image
Website created for a pseudo company to sell bottles.
JavaScript 0 0
A C# program created to crack the Caesar Cipher
A note-taking program written in C#
A C# program written to help with analysis of weather data
A bunch of Python projects that I am working on/ have completed.
Python 0 1

My Interests

Topics that I'm interested in.